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"Keep your operations smooth with our repair and maintenance expertise."

Repair & Maintenance

D Sol understands that satisfactory maintenance and timely repair of equipment and machinery help achieve their long-term and efficiency goals. We provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service that is second to none and available for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We bring our expertise and work with you to reduce your standby time, prolong the asset’s life, and improve its performance.

What makes D Sol your best choice?

1. Expertise: 

We pride ourselves on having a team of qualified technicians and engineers with the skills and tools required for various repair and maintenance jobs across different industries.

2. Responsive Service: 

We appreciate the gravity of any repair issue and are resolved to supply you with punctual and dependable, prompt and highly effective service.

3. Quality Assurance: 

SOL operates according to the most stringent quality and safety rules. It allows all the repairs and maintenance to meet or even exceed current industry standards.

5. Comprehensive Support: 

From the first step to our final quality check, our team guarantees 100% end-to-end support that covers every aspect of your maintenance and repair process.

4. Customized Maintenance Plans: 

The offered maintenance plans are flexible. At the same time, the customers pay only for the services they need, and the budget is no barrier to optimal asset performance and life.

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Let maintenance not be the reason for delayed operations. Contact D Sol today to get a detailed overview of our facility repair and maintenance services and how we can help your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Allow us to assist you in maintaining smooth operations while minimizing downtime.

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