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"Stay ahead of the curve with our Annual Maintenance Contracts."


The operations of your equipment and systems must be continually maintained safely and successfully. D Sol provides a range of annual maintenance contracts to keep your infrastructure in good working order without a hitch for the entire year. Our AMC services for your equipment enable them to work well, minimising the risk of preventable failures and associated costs.

What is an AMC?

Our annual maintenance contract is a service agreement in which we pledge to provide maintenance and repair services for your systems and equipment for the whole year. It covers all the services, such as regular diagnostics, routine operations, and emergency assistance. Its main goal is to prolong all your assets’ lifetime and maximum performance.

Benefits of D Sol

1. Preventive Maintenance: 

Maintenance tasks that are done frequently and routinely help detect problems that have not yet escalated.

2. Cost Efficiency: 

AMCs are one of the most effective ways to save on total maintenance expenses. Maintenance is a low-cost means of preserving AMCs’ funds from burst repair.

3. Priority Service: 

AMC clients are usually given the privilege of fast responses and quicker resolutions.

4. Extended Equipment Life: 

Combining the AMC with routine maintenance enables one to keep the equipment in good condition for longer, which hikes the return rate of the investments.

5. Customized Plans: 

D Sol customizes AMC plans aligned with the unique characteristics of your business organization, such as the kind of equipment, usage patterns, and operational significance.

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