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Rain Water Harvesting Services

D Sol helps realize the dream of sustainable water management by offering whole-system approaches in the field of rainwater harvesting (RWH). Considering that the water supply across the globe turns out to be progressively scarcer, now more than ever, we should be focused on successfully applying solutions that aim to conserve and utilize existing water more wisely. 

Our rainwater harvesting services have been put together to give clients at the residential, commercial, and industrial levels the ability to harvest, store, and use rainwater, lessen all dependence on municipal water sources, and minimize the effects on the environment. 

Why is harvesting rainwater important?

Rainwater harvesting is the derivation of material from roofs, land surfaces, or rock catchments to capture and manage rainwater in aquifers for later use. Generally, the purified water is employed for washing, gardening, and irrigation, but with more refining treatment.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

1. Water Conservation: 

Municipal services use much lower amounts of water if it is being used for the rainwater harvesting system; hence, critical water resources are preserved. 

2. Reduced Water Bills: 

By relying on the harvested rainwater for non-drinking purposes, you can reduce your water bills significantly. With no questions asked, it will offer you great economic benefits.

3. Environmental Impact: 

Rainwater harvesting is one of the popular methods that can be used to lessen stormwater runoff. 

4. Water Security: 

This approach to water conservation will provide an alternative water source during times of deficiency or lack of supply, aiding in security, especially in areas that are recurrently affected by drought.