AC & Exhaust Duct Cleaning

D SOL Facilities Pvt. Ltd is providing latest robotic cleaning services in AC duct, Exhaust duct & AHU cleaning for almost a decade.

The Duct Cleaning Work was done in following stages: •Inspection of HVAC system Components •Video Shooting of Ducts from Inside Before Cleaning •Actual Duct Cleaning Operation •Video Shooting of Ducts after Duct Cleaning •Inspection of Components after Cleaning

Why Ducts Should be clean?

•To prevent bacteria Breeding like COVID 19 & fungus growth in the corners and joints of ducts •To clean regular deposit of dirt & dusts in ducts & Provides Clean Air to Breathe •To Improve efficiency of HVAC & Cost Saving in Operation & Maintenance •Improves indoor air quality  To avoid Health hazard  •Provides Clean Air to Breathe

Services offered during Covid-19

D SOL Facilities Pvt Ltd is one of the leading service providers to corporate sector in the fields of:

HVAC System- Restoration & Sterilization

1.Coil and Filter cleaning, maintenance & Sanitization

2.Diffuser and Grills Cleaning & Sanitization

3.AHU Room Cleaning & Sanitization.

4.Condensate drain pan Cleaning & Sanitization.

5.Fresh Air – Requirement analysis & ·Robotic HVAC duct cleaning

Office Sanitization

With our experience and expertise in cleaning industry, we are dedicated and committed to deliver our best to make the client’s premises absolutely spic and span and sanitized. We believe in “Go Green” concept and all the equipment and solutions that we use in our process are environment friendly.

In order to clean the ducts and create no contamination of occupied spaces in the process, we use a HEPA filtered vacuum unit to create negative pressure in the duct system, or a vacuum unit which may be placed outside the occupied space to create a negative air pressure in the ducts.

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